Wedge Wire Filter Elements

SINFT® Wedge Wire Filter Elements

Water Treatment Field: such as boiler water, petrochemical water, papermaking water, ship ballast water and other primary filters with relatively large flow rates and pressure differences.

Filter water cap

  1.Filter water cap: It is installed at the bottom of the sand filter tank and mixed bed to filter solid particles with a precision above 20 microns (0.02mm).

  2.Middle row pipe water distributor: installed on the mixed bed, filtering solid particles with a precision above 20 microns (0.02mm).
Resin trap

  3.Resin trap: installed at the bottom of the sand filter tank or mixed bed to capture the leaked gravel to prevent pollution to downstream water quality.

Resin trap

  4.Water well pipe: installed on the pipe well to filter out the surrounding sediment.
Water intake filter cartridge

  5.Water intake filter cartridge: Generally installed in the water intake of sea water purification, the filtration accuracy is not high.

Curved Screen

Curved Screen: It is mainly installed on the curved screen and is the main filter component of the screen.

Roller Screen

Roller Screen: Installed on the roller screen machine, relying on the motor to drive the blades inside the screen cylinder to squeeze the filter to achieve solid-liquid separation.

Centrifuge Sieve blue

Centrifuge Sieve blue: installed on the centrifugal sieve machine, the sieve basket runs at high speed to realize the separation of solid particles.

Support Grille: installed at the bottom of the tank to support and filter.

High Pressure, High Strength, Cleanable
SINFT® wedge wire filter elements are ideal for many challenging filtration applications. Their design provides:

· Minimal plugging and blinding

· Corrosive application suitability

· Optimum structural strength for heavy loads

· High pressure/pulsating pressure capability

· Long-life — almost endless cleanability

· Sterile application / food industry suitability

· Thermal resistance

· Low pressure drop

. High flow rate


High Performance Filtration for Many Applications

If your production involves any aspect of fluid/solid separation, the products and experience that we have can help you achieve the most efficiency and effectiveness.

· Filtration

· Separation

· Straining

Industries That Can Benefit From Wedge Wire Filtration

· Pulp and paper

· Chemical

· Petrochemical

· AutomotiveMineral and aggregate processing

· Plastics extrusion

· Adhesive/sealant filtration

· Coatings

· Other highly viscous fluids in many industries

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