Engineering machinery Filter Elements

Engineering machinery Filter Elements

Studies have shown that engine wear mainly includes three forms: corrosion wear, contact wear and abrasive wear, and abrasive wear accounts for 60%-70% of the wear value. Construction machinery usually works in a very harsh environment. If there is no good filter element for protection, the cylinder and piston ring of the engine will wear out quickly.

The main function of the triple filter (air filter element, oil filter element, fuel filter element) is to reduce abrasive damage to the engine through effective filtration of air, oil, and fuel, and to ensure engine operating efficiency. The hydraulic system must keep the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system for a long time. Operation with medium and high cleanliness increases the service life of hydraulic machinery and hydraulic components and reduces the rate of mechanical failure. Drain the hydraulic filter cartridges before changing the hydraulic oil, check the oil return filter element, suction filter element, pilot filter element, to see if there are iron filings, copper filings or other impurities, if there are hydraulic component failures, clean the system after troubleshooting .

Oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, and hydraulic filter are important parts of construction machinery

SINFT provides high-quality and suitable construction machinery filter elements, such as excavator filter elements, forklift filter elements, bulldozer filter elements, agricultural machinery filter elements, etc., which can provide effective filtration protection for love machines, reduce maintenance costs, improve fuel economy, and extend the service life of the whole machine. Users save money and worry!

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