Cellulose Filter Elements

Cellulose Filter Elements and Cellulose Filter Media

SINFT filter media is made of cellulose filter media impregnated with resin. It has high dust collection capacity and low fluidity. Used as a suction filter to filter hydraulic oil and lubricating oil. The filter media is pleated and then assembled into economical disposable filter media. Cellulose filter cartridges are inexpensive, can be used as low-cost filter cartridges for factory applications, and are nominally qualified.
SINFT filter can provide cellulose filter element as after-sales product or original equipment manufacturer's product. We can customize cellulose filter cartridges for customers to meet your application needs. Please refer to our custom filters/professional filters section. 

SINFT Filter Element Specifications

· Rated at Bx = 2
· Elements available in standard grades of 5, 10, 20 and 40 microns
· Designed to withstand 150 & 300 PSID collapse pressure ratings
· Note: 300 PSID cellulose elements may require co-pleated mesh support screen for additional rigidity.