Glass fiber Filter Elements

SINFT glass filter media is manufactured from inert glass fiber material bonded with a stable resin, randomly set into a multi-layer composite.

Due to their superior throughput compared to other fiber filters, Glass Fiber Filters are typically used in removal of sediment and coarse particulate. High flow rates enable ideal use in applications like single and multi-process removal of sediment and coarse particulate.They are suitable for applications ranging from bioburden reduction and the clarification of a wide range of process liquids and end products.

SINFT glass fiber filter elements are an appropriate selection for a majority of applications for liquids and gases. glass fiber filter elements offer extra protection for your filtration system because of their increased dirt holding capacity and particle capture efficiency. This keeps contamination out of your system for longer system life and less downtime.

Glass fiber filter elements are available in specialty configurations, including

·Coalescing Filter Elements

·Water Removal Filter Elements

·Industrial Process Filter Elements

·Coreless Filter Elements

SINFT glass fiber Filter Element Specifications:

·Designed to provide Bx(c)=1000 filtration efficiencies (ISO 16889) at 2.5, 5, 7, 12 and 22 microns with a minimum Bx=200 (ISO 4572) at 1, 3, 6, 12 and 25 micron ratings
·Designed to withstand from 150 PSID to 3250 PSID collapse pressure ratings
·For maximum element durability and long lifecycles, elements can be co-pleated with support layers, including
     ○Polymer mesh
     ○Annealed epoxy-coated steel wire
     ○Stainless steel wire cloth

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