SINFT Sintered Tube Shape Sparger are composed by three parts: sintered porous metal tube, solid metal plate and thread connection which are welded to the tube.
Sintered porous tube is the main part which is sintered by pure titanium powder or SS316L powder. The micron rating and distribution of the pores can be controlled by the metal powder material.
Various specifications and connections are available. Tube spargers should be horizontal placed to increase the aeration area.


-Precise pore size distributions
-Small bubble created     
-Easily cleaned/back-flushed
-Corrosion/abrasion resistant
-High temperature resistance
-High pressure resistance
-No media migration and second pollution

Data & Specifications:

No.    Code      Tube OD(mm)    Length(mm)    Connection      Aeration Area(m2)    O2 utilization ratio
1         SFT-BQG-01       Ф4-60                   8-64                M6-M20                   -                        30-40%
2         SFT-BQG-02    Ф60-120               60-750             G1/2”-G1”        0.5-3                     30-40%
3         SFT-BQG-03   Ф60-150               250-1000         G1/2”-G1”        0.5-4                     30-40%

Product Material:

-Stainless Steel (SS316L, 304L,310S,904L)
-Hastelloy (C-22,C-276,XB-2)
-Inconel (600, 625,800)
-Monel (400 and so on)
Note: Special material, sizes and shape can be customized. Pls. contact SINFT at if you have more exacting requirements.


-Conventional Sintered Metal Spargers
Pure water and mineral water ozone sterilization aeration
Industrial waste water aeration
 Aeration of domestic sewage treatment aeration tank
Aeration in high temptation environment
-Special Sintered Metal Spargers
Oil produced water degreasing aeration
Industrial waste water degreasing aeration
Aeration of high viscosity fluid
Aeration in high temptation environment
Aeration in easy scaling application

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