Coreless Filter Elements

Coreless filter elements are a lighter weight, more environmentally-friendly alternative to provide proven protection to your system's components. Being coreless, they are significantly lighter in weight, facilitating both removal and replacement. Disposal costs are less for coreless elements because they are crushable, reducing volume up to 50% over metal-cored elements. SINFT® coreless filter elements are dimensionally interchangeable with those offered by Pall and other manufacturers.
The coreless filter element can be used for pre-filtration and precision filtration. It has excellent filtering performance and strong dirt holding capacity. The characterics of low installation cost and long service life both reduces processing costs.
Hebei Sinft Filter Co., Ltd. is an independent industrial filter manufacturer. Pall Filters name is for reference only. All tradenames, service marks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Hebei Sinft Filter Co., Ltd. does not claim to provide Pall filter elements or other manufacturer's filter and/or strainer elements.

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