Basket Filter Element Manufacturer

SINFT basket filter element also names basket filter cartridge, is designed for cleaning of large amounts of solids particulate. The contaminations are captured and collected in the basket type filter, preventing the debris from entering the pump or returning to the flow.
SINFT basket filter element is made of stainless steel perforated sheet, woven wire mesh, stainless steel sintered wire mesh and wedge wire screen by the welding process. Due to the support of the punching plate, SINFT basket filter element has higher compressive strength, mechanical strength and is easier to backwash.

SINFT basket filter elements are available in a flat or inclined top design. And according to customs requirements, we could provide the flat bottom, round bottom and hopper bottom choices to fit our basket filter strainer, including pipeline basket strainer, simplex basket strainer, duplex basket strainer.
Compared to other types filter elements, SINFTbasket filter element allows for a longer use with high dirt holding capacity and it’s cleanable and reusable character.
SINFTbasket filter elements are widely used in oil industry, food & beverage, water treatment, dust removing, pharmacy, etc.

Maritime Industry Filter Element 

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Strainer Baskets, Filter Bag Baskets And Filter Housings

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Basket-type filter

From 5µ to 5000µm, SINFTcan custom basket filter cartridge in all sizes and shapes to help you remain competitive by being your OEM partner.
Whether standard, custom or different flow rates, SINFTbasket filter elements offers a perfect filtration solution for your systems.

Basket-Filter cartridge

Features of SINFTBasket Filter element
Easy to clean and remove
Suitable for coarse filtration
Customized design available
Flow rate up to 3600 m3/hr
Capture and hold solids of almost any size
Low-pressure drop with large dirt holding capacity
Robust filter media for long-term operation
Filtration rating: 5µm to 2000µm
SS basket filter element
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