Maritime industry Filter Element Products

Maritime industry Filter Element Products

For a prolonged safe, trouble free and efficient operation of machinery and system on board ship, it is important that there is proper maintenance, a record of correct parameters and prevention of impurities from entering the systems. It is important that every system must have filters and strainers which help in removing contamination from the system.

SINFT Marine Filter & Strainer on Ship

The filter is used to remove impurities from oil, water, and air on the ship. Filters are mounted in pairs as a duplex system so that one can be used and other is kept on standby at a time. The marine filter can be utilized both in low pressure (suction) and discharge (high pressure) side of the system and is used to remove the smallest part of dirt which is carried away in the system. 

The strainer is a type of filter used mostly on low pressure or suction side and is used to remove large contamination particles from the system. It is because the mesh screen openings in the strainer are bigger in size and are similar to those of coarse filter. If the suction condition is critical, then the strainer can be fitted on the discharge side. Usually, strainers are cleaned whenever they are opened up or when the pressure drop on the filter side is high.

Types of Filters Used on Ship:

·Hydraulic Filter Element;
·Fine Mesh Screen Filter;
·Magnetic Filters;
·Auto Back Wash Filter Element;
·Notch Wire Filter Element;
·Sea Water Separator;
·Sea Chest Strainer;
·And other filtration products.

SINFT filtration products can be used in a number of applications, including hydraulic steering systems, deck gear, cargo handling and bow thruster hydraulics, physical separation/ filtration systems in ballast water treatments.

SINFT strainers are perfect for protecting downstream components, and our washable filter elements can be cleaned without having to take equipment off-line. 

SINFT strainers are available in corrosion resistant materials and protect cooling circuits and other seawater piping system from fouling.

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