Fluid Power/Hydraulic Filter Element Products

Fluid Power Filter Cartridge/ Hydraulic Filter Element Products

The filtration products of fluid power/hydraulic filter elements can withstand various difficult conditions in industrial, aerospace and mobile applications. Harsh and severe conditions can usually be applied to hydraulic filters element. The high-quality hydraulic filter element can keep these components pollution-free and can extend the service life of various components required by the hydraulic power system, such as valves, pumps, cylinders and motors.
SINFT filters not only produce stainless steel filter elements, but also produce sintered metal wire mesh / felt filter elements for fluid power. These two washable filter elements can increase the service life of the filter elements.
The SINFT oil-water separation filter element can be used to remove free water and dissolved water in the hydraulic system. Used in conjunction with a special absorbent layer.
We also provide SINFT desiccant breathers (respirators), Keep moisture, dirt, and debris from entering your oil reservoirs. Keeping excess vacuum or pressure from building up in cylinders, gear boxes, and tanks.
Our hydraulic filter element can be replaced with many OEM filter elements, the size and design are universally equivalent.
· Pall® filter elements
· Parker® filter elements
· Hydac® filter elements
· Donaldson® filter elements
· Stauff® filter elements
· Internormen® filter elements
· Des-Case® breathers
· Filtrec®filter elements
· LIEBHERR®filter elements
· BOLL&KIRTCH® filter elements
· MP Filtri®filter elements
· STARKMEISTER®filter elements
· SMC®filter elements
· CC JENSEN®filter elements
· Filter element products from other manufacturers
*All brand names cited are the trademarks and logos of their respective owners. SINFT does not produce original filter cartridges from other manufacturers

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