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Oil and Gas Industry


 As the oil and gas industry comes to terms with “lower for longer” prices, operators are seeking to optimize production efficiency. Put simply, international oil companies are seeking to produce more, for less.

SINFT ® compressed air filters prevent dust, dirt, oil and water from your equipment. Dust will wear down your equipment (like the air motor in grinders), pneumatic actuators and it can make pneumatic control valves get stuck. manufactures oil/gas industry filter element products for demanding applications worldwide. We make metal felt filter element media for highly corrosive, high temperature or high viscosity uses, where they have significant advantages over woven wire and sintered metal elements. Our desiccant breathers protect gearboxes, pumps, compressors and turbines from moisture and particulate.

Pall® filter elements
Parker® filter elements
Hilco®/Hilliard® filter elements
Indufil® filter elements
Boll & Kirch® filter elements
Hydac® filter elements
Des-Case® breathers
Filter elements from many other manufacturers


SINFT Coalescing Filtersare Used Forhigher Level

SINFT coalescing filters are used for higher levels of separa­ tion compared to other purification and filtration systems. These filter elements separate immiscible liquids {liquid-liquid combiner) or liquids from gas streams {liquid-gas combiner) and ensure the removal of 99.99% of solid particles. Keeping fuels and liquids free of particle contamination and Free water contamination.

SINFT offers Pall\Hilco\Parker replacement coalescing filters, which feature unique filter material cartridges and a special design that allows you to use increased load, less circulating cartridges in your system.



SINFT Corporation' s staff of research scientists and engi­ neers have designed these coalescers that change the way gas streams are conditioned.

The SepraSol Plus media can process several times moreli-quid per unit area of media than conventional media andoften eliminates the need for upstream bulk separationequipment such as mist eliminators and vane separators. read more.

Oil Mist Eliminators

Demister Cartridge utilizes aninside-out flow to trap the oil fromthe air stream and return it to the oilreservoir for reuse,
The resulting clearair can be safely released into theatmosphere with no environmentalimpact whatsoever, read more.


Peco Gas Coalescer Cartridges

PECO gas coalescer cartridges work on a principal referred to as
Saturated Depth Coalesing. This allows liquid droplets to collect and
saturate the pores within the media depth then grow to their fullest
potential. The droplets then drain with gravity when they reach a
certain size. These liquid droplets often take with them solid con-
taminant particles, as well, causing a“self-cleaning”effect within
the depth media matrix.


SINFT Wire Mesh Demister Pad

The wire mesh  an assembly of knitted mesh that is supported with high open area grids. Mist eliminators are made to any size and shape from a wide range of materials, both metal and non-metal. Stainless steels and exotic alloys are fully annealed to provide maximum corrosion resistance. Based on years of actual in-plant performance, our engineers use special families of mesh styles for particular equipment and processes to meet customer efficiency requirements.             

Working Principle

  1. A vapor stream carrying entrained liquid droplets passes through a demister pad. The vapor moves freely through
    the knitted mesh.

  2. The inertia of the droplets causes them to contact the wire surfaces and coalesce.

  3. The large, coalesced droplets formed in the mesh ultimately drain and drop to the vessel bottom.


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