Elements for Indufil Filter Housings | Replacement Indufil Filter Element

SINFT specializes in all types of Indufil cross reference  to suit your present Indufil filter housings. It mainly Includes indufil hydraulic filter elements, pressure filter elements, SINFT® hold large stocks of replacement Indufil filter elements and an usually contact to you a inquiry within hours of receiving an. Find the Filtrec part number you need, please check the SINFT Cross Reference Page.
SINFT Cross Replace for Indufil Part Number
SINFT Part Number   Media Indufil
SFT-ID-3525 Fibre INR-S-120-HCC3-V
SFT-ID-3526 Fibre MRS-S-200A-CC03-V
SFT-ID-3527 Fibre INR-Z-400-CC25-V
SFT-ID-3528 Fibre DDRZ900CC10V
SFT-ID-3529 Fibre INR-Z-900-CC-10V
SFT-ID-3530 Fibre INR-Z-200-CC25-V-SP
SFT-ID-3531 Fibre INR-Z-200-CC25-V
SFT-ID-3532 Fibre INR-Z-0095-API-PF025-V
SFT-ID-3533 Inox
Stainless steel
SFT-ID-3534 Fibre INR-Z-0095-API-PF10
SFT-ID-3535 Fibre INR-S-0095-API-PF025-V
SFT-ID-3536 Fibre INR-S-0095-API-PF010
SFT-ID-3537 Fibre INR-Z-0095-CC10-V
SFT-ID-3538 Fibre INR-Z-0095-CC25-V
SFT-ID-3539 Inox
Stainless steel
SFT-ID-3540 Fibre INR-Z-400-CC10-V
SFT-ID-3541 Fibre INR-Z-400-CC10
SFT-ID-3542 Fibre INR-S-0400-CC25-V
SFT-ID-3543 Fibre INR-Z-0320-API-PF025-V
SFT-ID-3544 Fibre INR-Z-0320-API-PF010-V
SFT-ID-3545 Fibre INR-Z-320-CC10-V
SFT-ID-3546 Fibre INR-S-0320-API-PF025-V
SFT-ID-3547 Fibre INR-S-0320-CC10-V
SFT-ID-3548 Fibre INR-S-0320-API-PF010-V
SFT-ID-3549 Fibre INR-Z-460-CC25-V
SFT-ID-3550 Fibre INR-Z-660-A-CC25-V
SFT-ID-3551 Fibre INR-Z-880-CC25-V
SFT-ID-3552 Fibre INR-Z-700-CC25V
SFT-ID-3553 Fibre INR-S-700-CC10V
SFT-ID-3554 Fibre INR-700-CC10
SFT-ID-3555 Fibre INR-Z-700-CC10V
SFT-ID-3556 Fibre INR-S-0700-API-PF010-V
SFT-ID-3557 Fibre INR-Z-700-CC03
SFT-ID-3558 Fibre INR-S-700-CC25-V
SFT-ID-3559 Fibre INR-Z-700-CC05
SFT-ID-3560 Fibre INR-Z-700-CC25
SFT-ID-3561 Fibre INR-Z-620-A-CC10-V
SFT-ID-3562 Fibre INR-Z-620-A-CC25-V
SFT-ID-3563 Fibre INR-Z-610-A-CC10-V
SFT-ID-3564 Fibre INR-Z-1800-A-CC10-V
SFT-ID-3565 Fibre INR-Z-1800-A-CC25-V
SFT-ID-3566 Fibre INR-S-1900-CC03-V
SFT-ID-3567 Fibre INR-S-1800-A-CC25-V
SFT-ID-3568 Fibre INR-S-1800-CC10-V
SFT-ID-3569 Fibre INR-Z-400-CC250D

The combination of design concepts and materials used have a major influence on performance and the pressure drop of the filter unit maximising running time between change outs. Particle filtration down to 3 microns and efficiencies to 99.9% [ß3>1000]. Liquid removal down to 1 micron and efficiencies to 99.9% [ß1>1000].

SINFT can meet all of your needs for replacing Indufil filter elements.  Buying a SINFT® replacement Indufil filter distributors means that you will be getting the highest quality and most value for your.
To order your filtrec cross reference filter element or for more information and advice, please Contact or email iris@sinftfilter.com
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