Underwater Pelletizing Die Plate Face Resurfacing

SINFT can provide various expertly manufactures and resurfaces Die Plates for all underwater pelletizer machines,Including but not limited to the following brands:

.AST      .Dynisco .Mallay .Xaloy
.Automatik .Econ (All EUP Models) .Moriyama  
.Baker Perkins .Egan .Muesco  
.Berlyn .Erema (All HG Models) .Pomini  
.Berstorff .Farrel .PTI  
.Beringer (Model WRP 12I-35I-36I) .Filteck (GRO & UWP Models) .Reinke  
.BKG .Gala (Model 5-6-7-8) .RRM  
.Black Clawson .JSW .RTW  
.Buss America .Kobe .Sterling  
.Crown/CDL Technologies .LCY .Werner & Pfleider  

SINFT skilled engineers and machinists can make or repair virtually every any type of melt cutter die. inquery for whatsapp +86153830066255, email us at iris@sinftfilter.com, or use the form at the bottom of this page to leverage our decades of experience to solve your die plate challenges.

SINFT has provided years of filtration and metal accessory products for the chemical fiber industry, and our engineers are proficient in production, processing, and repair:

Leverage our rapid response manufacturing to get your parts in a matter of weeks – not months!

.Thru holes wire cut to exact size and profile

.Solid ring hard face construction as well as tiled faces

.Precision ground surface finish

.Mirror super finishing available on die face

.Vacuum bond brazing

.Ceramic die capillary insulation inserts

.Tungsten carbide capillary wear inserts

.Hastelloy® Haynes alloy C-276 insulation rings

.Carbon steel or stainless steel die bodies


Note: SINFT respects the original trademark manufacturer and provides parts repair services

Stellite® is Registered Trademark of Deloro Stellite Company Inc.

Hastelloy® is a registered trademark of Haynes International, Inc.

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