Melt Cutter Die Face Plates

SINFTFILTER manufactures Underwater Melt Cut Die Plates and Hot Face Cut Die Plates for the Plastic Compounding Industry.

Die Plates  

Correct die plate performance is the key to:

− correct quality of the pellets
− high capacity
− optimum process and recipe economy
− processing of difficult materials


OEM Part Number:

Flow channel profiles

Standard   all material
Pressure reduction   stiff materials
Continous land   fluidic / liquid material
Reduced land length   stiff material
Micropellet pod   all material
Continous taper   special material

Flow channel parameter

Die Plates    

Wear Surface Materials
Tungsten Carbide Face - TiC Titanium Carbide - Stellite - Tool Steel
Advanced Cutting Face Materials
By leveraging our core competencies we have innovated a range of superior cutting face materials. SINFT latest titanium carbide provides properties unmatched by any other material suitable for this application. It combines excellent wear resistance with outstanding thermal retention to better enable underwater start-ups, reduce orifice hole freeze-off, decrease melt fracture, and solve many other pelletizing issues.

Superior Internal Insulation
SINFTFILTER set a high-performance standard when we innovated internal insulation. This feature consists of a ceramic layer embedded under the cutting face of the plate. The embedded layer helps to reduce overall heat loss from the plate and focuses this extra energy into the tip of the orifice, which is where the energy is most needed. Our exclusive design provides the most heat-intensive and uniformly heated pelletizing plate in the industry.

Customized Services
.Thru holes are wire cut to exact size and profile to create uniform pellets
.CNC machining supported by SINFT manufactured to close tolerances
.Solid ring hard face construction cut into three segments to allow heat expansion to eliminate cracking
.Tiled and nibs facing available
.SINFT proprietary insulation base rings for improved temperature conductivity
.In-house brazing
.Carbon steel or stainless steel die bodies
.Precision ground surface finish


Reference cross:
.AST      .Dynisco .Mallay .Xaloy
.Automatik .Econ (All EUP Models) .Moriyama  
.Baker Perkins .Egan .Muesco  
.Berlyn .Erema (All HG Models) .Pomini  
.Berstorff .Farrel .PTI  
.Beringer (Model WRP 12I-35I-36I) .Filteck (GRO & UWP Models) .Reinke  
.BKG .Gala (Model 5-6-7-8) .RRM  
.Black Clawson .JSW .RTW  
.Buss America .Kobe .Sterling  
.Crown/CDL Technologies .LCY .Werner & Pfleider  
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