Dimensions and Technical Data:
Part number SDB-093/2 SDB-096/2 SDB-121/2 SDB-122/2 SDB-096/CV
Cross Reference SFT-SD-093-B SFT-SD-096-B SFT-SD-121-B SFT-SD-122-B SFT-SD-096-C
Connection type Male G3/4 BSP Male G3/4 BSP Male G1-1/4 BSP Male G1-1/4 BSP Male G3/4 BSP
φ(MM) 98 98 130 130 98
Gross weight(kg) 1.2 1.5 2.70 4.00 1.5


Replace STAUFF Desiccant Air Breathers SDB Part

Combination of air breather and water removal filter

▪ Available in 4 different sizes
▪ Diameter of Ø100 mm / Ø3.94 in or Ø130 mm / Ø5.12 in
▪ Refillable with drying agent (non-toxic ZR gel grain)
  or a mix of drying agent and active carbon
▪ Drying agent capable in changing colour from
  Red to orange with increasing moisture
▪ Without dangerous substances according to
  EC Council directives 99/45/EC and 2001/60/EC
▪ Replaceable air filter element SGB
▪ Connection: Male BSP thread (ISO 228)
  on Stainless Steel tube
▪ Available with adaptor plate to simplify installation and
  to enable the use of a visual contamination indicator
Options / Accessories:

▪ Adaptor plate
▪ Visual contamination indicator
▪ Drying agent refilling material
▪ Active carbon refilling material
▪ Replacement air filter element

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