Interchange Parker filter

SINFT has a complete database of Replacement Parker filter elements, have 1870 a part number,  at competitive prices and equivalent quality. We manufacture all type of interchange Parker hydraulic filter element based on different cross reference, Please contact us or check the SINFT cross reference list.

.Capture greater amounts of contaminant for less downtime
.Fast delivery within 7 days for urgent order
.Totally replace Parker filter elements in sizes and function
.MD. CE certification & ISO 9001 filter element manufacturer

Interchange Parker filter

Replacement Parker Hydraulic Filter Element 

Replacement Parker Hydraulic Filter Element 

SINFT replace Parker Hydraulic fillter element products help keep hydraulic oil clean, which reduces contamination from normal and wear and filters contaminants from new air, fluid, or components introduced into the system. Clean hydraulic fluid reduces contaminant buildup, reduces maintenance costs, and extends the working life of system components. In-line hydraulic filters can be installed in all typical hydraulic systems, such as those found in industrial, mobile, and agricultural settings. Off-line hydraulic filtration is used to filter hydraulic fluid in a hydraulic system when adding new fluid, charging fluid, or flushing the hydraulic system before adding new fluid. Hydraulic tank filtration components attach to tanks to keep fluid clean and free from debris, water, and air.

FIlter element a filtration precision, holding capacity, a pressure drop of clean filter element will all together influence replacement Parker filter elements final particle removal effect, service life, and your system downtime, So SINFT takes this very seriously.

SINFT replacement Parker hydraulic filter element is produced to be fully interchangeable with the original Parker Hannifin filter element with superior quality standard. It mainly includes Parker hydraulic filter elements, Parker oil filters, Parker air filter elements, and Racor fuel filter elements.

SINFT: Real Parker Filter Element Replacement Manufacturer

To improve replacement Parker filter elements quality and really achieve your system fluid cleanliness levels, SINFT has professional testing equipment and engineer teams to inspect Parker hydraulic oil filter replacement from integrity to bubble point data.

Points: integrity detection, bubbling experiments, strength testing, precision testing, high-pressure testing

At present, all SINFT replacement Parker filter elements conform to the latest ISO and CE standards in manufacture and testing, ensuring to offer you high efficiency and consistent filtration for applications, such as mining, construction, marine, forestry, agricultural, oil and gas, compressor and etc.

Common SINFT replacement Parker Filter Element models are listed as below:
924452Q 932624Q 933210Q 935534Q 927169Q 932650Q
924453Q 932625Q 933211Q 935535Q 927170Q 932651Q
925039Q 932626Q 933212Q 934311Q 927173Q 932652Q
925040Q 932627Q 933213Q 934472Q 927175Q 932653Q
926696Q 932628Q 933218Q 934473Q 927176Q 932654Q
926697Q 932629Q 933219Q 934474Q 927178Q 932655Q
926698Q 932630Q 933220Q 934475Q 927181Q 932656Q
926699Q 932631Q 933221Q 934477 927182Q 932657Q
926716Q 932632Q 933226Q 934478 927661Q 932658Q
926717Q 932633Q 933227Q 934479 927663Q 932659Q
926835Q 932634Q 933228Q 934566 927861Q 932660Q
926836Q 932635Q 933229Q 934567 928142Q 932661Q
926837Q 932636Q 933239Q 934568 928143Q 932662Q
926838Q 932637Q 933246Q 934569 928150Q 932663Q
926839Q 932638Q 933253Q 934570 928152Q 932664Q
926841Q 932639Q 933258Q 934571 928154Q 932665Q
926843Q 932640Q 933263Q 934572 928156Q 932666Q
926845Q 932641Q 933264Q 935139 928339Q 932667Q
926888Q 932642Q 933265Q 935140 928934Q 932668Q
926890Q 932643Q 933266Q 935141 928935Q 932669Q
926988Q 932644Q 933295Q 935142 928952Q 932670Q
926990Q 932645Q 933302Q 935143 928953Q 932674Q
926992Q 932646Q 933363Q 935144 929099Q 932675Q
926994Q 932647Q 933364Q 935145 929105Q 932676Q
926996Q 932648Q 933365Q 933204Q 929106Q 932677Q
926998Q 932649Q 933467Q 933205Q 929111Q 932678Q
933468Q 929884Q 932679Q 933788Q 931018Q 933089Q
933486Q 929885Q 932683Q 933800Q 931020Q 933090Q
933487Q 929886Q 932684Q 933802Q 931490Q 933091Q
933488Q 929890Q 932685Q 933804Q 932017Q 933092Q
933489Q 929891Q 932686Q 933806Q 932018Q 933116Q
933576Q 929892Q 932687Q 933808Q 932266Q 933117Q
933577Q 930099Q 932688Q 933809Q 932285Q 933118Q
933578Q 930100Q 932689Q 933810Q 932340Q 933119Q
933579Q 930118Q 932690Q 933811Q 932610Q 933135Q
933580Q 930119Q 932691Q 933812Q 932611Q 933136Q
933581Q 930162Q 932692Q 933814Q 932612Q 933152Q
933582Q 930164Q 932693Q 933816Q 932613Q 933153Q
933583Q 930189Q 932694Q 933818Q 932614Q 933155Q
933742Q 930190Q 932695Q 934121Q 932615Q 933156Q
933743Q 930191Q 932696Q 934122Q 932616Q 933193Q
933758Q 930192Q 932697Q 934123Q 932617Q 933194Q
933759Q 930193Q 932872Q 934124Q 932618Q  
933763Q 930194Q 932873Q 934194Q 932619Q  
933773Q 930197Q 932874Q 934200 932620Q  
933774Q 930198Q 932875Q 934234 932621Q  
933775Q 930367Q 933044Q 934236 932622Q  
933776Q 930368Q 933045Q 934264Q 932623Q  
933777Q 930369Q 933046Q 934265Q 933202Q  
933782Q 930370Q 933047Q 934308Q 933203Q  
933784Q 930438Q 933068Q 934309Q 933195Q  
933786Q 930544Q 933069Q 934310Q 933196Q  

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