Desiccant Breathers

Desiccant Breathers Protect Diesel Fuel Storage Reservoirs, Gearboxes, Pumps and other Industrial Equipment from Moisture and Particulate

A desiccant breather is a straightforward solution to the problem, blocking moisture and particles from entering. Testing of leading competitors has shown that SINFT-Dri Desiccant Breathers average almost 20% greater moisture-retention capacity versus leading brands.
Our unique design features a longer body, which permits 10% greater volume of silica gel desiccant beads when compared to leading competitors.

Desiccant Breathers Protect Diesel Size

Advanced Silica Gel

Desiccant removes water from air prior to it entering your system, tank or equipment.

Built-in Status Indication

Built-in Status Indication

Desiccant gel changes color from blue to pink to indicate that it is removing moisture, as well as when to replace the breather.

Desiccant gel changes color from blue


For example, a gearbox for wind power generation:
GearboxGearboxes in wind turbines differ from those in high-speed machinery In industrialgearboxes, the progress of failure can occur in weeks, days, or even hours. In windturbines, the impact of contaminants on slower turning gear drives is slow andinsidious. Nevertheless, the mean time between failure(MTBF)for gears andshaft-support bearings can be increased by as much as two to three times by maintaining optimum levels of fluid cleanliness and dryness.